41 weeks & 6 days…

On March 27, 2014 at 8:12 pm our precious little boy, Malakai Grant, was born!
9lbs.15oz. and 22.5″ long! He’s healthy and more wonderful than we ever dreamed.
photo 1photo 3I’m looking forward to sharing my natural birth story with you very soon, but right now it’s all about the little one and us adjusting to being a family of three!

41 weeks.

Friday, March 21, 2014. ImageImage

size of baby: ???
weight ~  8+lbs; length ~ 20+”
what baby’s up to: His endocrine system is busy at work producing stress hormones for outside the womb… and he’s still packing on the pounds.
gender: boy!
movement: yes.
what I miss: not worrying about my “due date” there’s entirely too much pressure placed on a specific date that is rarely accurate; we’re talking maybe 4-5% and that’s still skewed b/c more and more women are getting induced even before then.
maternity clothes: yoga pants and Husband’s shirts.
cravings: salads with parmesan crisps!
aversions: the smell of raw chicken is extra gross lately.
symptoms: let’s just say castor oil didn’t work for us, either time we tried… and it makes you pretty uncomfortable.
exercise: 90 minute prenatal yoga and lots and lots of walking!
sleep: I’ve definitely had a few sleepless nights this week.
belly button: out.
wedding ring: off – I’m scared it’s going to get stuck, so I’m just wearing a band.
best moment: Spring has arrived!
adventure: We’ve really been taking it easy, relaxing a lot, and trying to focus on our Hypnobabies scripts and not what everyone else is saying.

40 weeks.

Friday, March 14th. We have finally arrived to our “guess date”… now let’s see how long until baby boy graces us with his presence.


size of baby: a small pumpkin
weight ~  7.5 lbs.; length ~ 20+″
what baby’s up to: He’s just hanging out, staying nice and cozy in the womb.
gender: boy!
movement: yes.
what I miss: my hawaiian tan… does that count?!
maternity clothes: yoga pants… every.single.day!
cravings: juice pops and orange juice.
aversions: nothing specifically; my sense of smell is still super enhanced.
symptoms: uncomfortable, but super anxious and excited!
exercise: I have been walking like crazy this week trying to help evict our baby boy.
sleep: as much as I can!
belly button: out.
wedding ring: off – I’m scared it’s going to get stuck, so I’m just wearing a band.
best moment: making it to 40 weeks… now let’s get this party started!
adventure: Since our little boy didn’t want to come out to celebrate, we decided to take advantage of another Friday night date night to celebrate his soon arrival.

Everyone, I think baby boy needs some encouragement to enter this big world… on three let him hear it 1… 2… 3… “COME ON OUT”!! ;)

39 weeks & baring the bump.

March 7th. We’re considered full term over here!

size of baby: heavy as a mini-watermelon (doesn’t feel so “mini” to me)!
weight ~  7 lbs.; length ~ 20″
what baby’s up to: just waiting to greet the world! He’s continuing to build fat to help control his body temperature; thankfully the polar vortex is over and the Nashville ice-storms have passed!
gender: boy!
movement: yes! It doesn’t feel like he’s dropped, but then again, I’m not exactly sure what that “feels” like.
what I miss: I was totally missing the sunshine, but Praise the Lord, it blasted it’s warmth Friday, ah it was lovely!
maternity clothes: I’m thankful for the closet across from mine…  thanks for sharing Husband! :)
cravings: juice pops and orange juice.
aversions: oh man, day old fish in the trash can – talk about the smell of death.
symptoms: I am uncomfortable.
exercise: the stairs in my house and some extra walking is about all I can handle right now.
sleep: Every little movement from baby boy makes me wide awake, I’m totally on the edge of my seat.
belly button: out.
wedding ring: on – but it’s starting to stick a little.
best moment: Double dinner date in Murfreesboro with one of my best friends, Jessica, and her man, Jd! I am seriously so thankful to have friends close by! We had a blast.
adventure: welp, what would a week be without a little house trouble… I was reading on the couch Monday morning and when I looked up to the ceiling lo and behold a big water spot was staring back at me! One of the hot water heaters broke which meant no hot water and no heat until replaced and they weren’t going to be done until early morning; with a temp of 51 in the house, we were basically forced out. With the baby possibly arriving any day, the thought of packing another bag was not what I had in mind, but it was good for us…  it was like a mini baby moon in downtown Nashville AND an extra date night!

38 weeks.

February 28th. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH (a day early)!


size of baby: as long as a leek.
weight ~ 6.8 lbs.; length ~ > 19 1/2+″
what baby’s up to: Baby boy is packing on the pounds and apparently, has a firm grasp! He’s also doing some pretty important things like producing more surfactant to help his little lungs prepare for their first big breath.
gender: boy!
movement: yes! Baby boy is in a good position, hopefully we can keep him there!
what I miss: being comfortable… have I said that?
maternity clothes: I’m a serious repeat offender if anyone is judging. yoga pants by day, yoga pants by night.
cravings: green smoothies and frozen juice pops!
aversions: nothing’s ringing a bell this week.
symptoms: dizzzzzzy!
exercise: yoga! I’m killing it this week folks.
sleep: I’m definitely not experiencing the best sleep of my life…
belly button: out.
wedding ring: on.
best moment: Tuesday was my last “official” day at the office! whoop whoop.
adventure: It seriously feels like we’re in the buying-selling cars business these days… we sold our edge and bought another one! And we spent some time in Dandridge; I have a feeling it was the last trip for a while.

Can ya’ll believe baby boy’s due date is only 2 weeks away?!?! I’m seriously trying not to freak out. I just can’t hardly contain myself.
I think we should take a vote…
Who thinks he’s coming on his due date, March 14th? Or do you think he’ll be early or late? :)

37 weeks.

February 21st.
baby boy is considered “pre-term”
image_4 image_2

size of baby: swiss chard / winter melon
weight ~ 6 1/3 lbs.; length ~ > 19+″
what baby’s up to: Preparing for his departure. He’s now considered “pre-term”. Spending the next 2 weeks in the womb allows his brain and lungs to fully mature.
gender: boy!
movement: yes! and baby boy hasn’t turned yet… even with my stink-bug and cat-cow yoga poses! Any suggestions?
what I miss: touching my toes without having to think about it. I know, kinda weird to have to move around a belly.
maternity clothes: Scrubs have been booted.
cravings: darn that nutella! Luckily my other “cravings” have been orange juice and salads.
aversions: the smell of tobacco dip ugh!
symptoms: feeling tired and ready. I just can’t wait to meet our little man.
exercise: yoga!
sleep: could definitely be better!
belly button: out.
wedding ring: on.
best moment: Every time I cross something off my “to-do” list! And I’d like to add that all the contractors are finally out of our house! It’s been a looooong 6 weeks, is all I have to say about that!
adventure: that Husband of mine is a keeper I tell ya. The kitchen is my zone in the house, but Friday he decided to take over and prepare an incredible dinner just for me… and after we enjoyed his amazing meal, we made dark chocolate covered strawberries together. Love was in the air!! Then Monday rolled around and we went to Ruth’s Chris for another yummy meal… Date nights are being cherished around here!


36 weeks.

February 14th.

size of baby: length of romaine lettuce.
weight ~ 6 lbs.; length ~ > 18 1/2″
what baby’s up to: Shedding most of his lanugo and vernix. At the end of this week he’ll be considered “early term”.
gender: boy!
movement: yes! Baby boy has been head down for awhile, now he needs to turn that little bum around.
what I miss: being comfortable.
maternity clothes: I wear what I can.
cravings: WARNING: nutella dipped in animal crackers! Friends, especially pregnant ones, don’t try this at home. You’ll kill me!
aversions: nothing specific this week.
symptoms: did I say tirrrrrrrrred?!
exercise: cleaned house from top to bottom (we have A LOT of stairs) and I did a whole lot of organizing… I’m counting it :)
sleep: I love our little love nest, especially now that everything is coming together.
belly button: out.
wedding ring: on.
best moment: The nursery is finally complete, well just about… and after many battles with our crib, all of husband’s hard work (plus many other hands) has paid off. It looks amazing and was worth the wait… and work!
adventure: My dad came for a visit last Saturday and after helping Brady with the crib, he decided to tag along with me on my crazy, one million stop Saturday errand run. He’s a trooper and it was actually pretty nice having some company and getting his opinion… “flowers or twigs?”.